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The Wooditch Company (TWC) is a privately held corporate insurance and risk management services firm established and incorporated in 1993. We specialize in negotiation, placement and account stewardship of insurance and risk management programs for companies with revenues ranging from $10MM – $1B.

The DNA of our team creates the success of our firm. It is the nature, drive, vision, will, resolution, and unwavering desire to achieve that us from the “rest of the pack.” People make the difference and our people are the best. We recruit, train, and then encourage individual expression, ingenuity and the exercise of intellect to create and perpetuate and amazing individual and corporate legacy.

Our History

“The Wooditch Group Difference!”

We have been in business for over 20 years. We have built our business from the “ground-up,” organically, one client at a time. We have chosen not to grow through acquisition of producers or firms, but rather have selected and trained our production staff from individuals who had talents outside of the insurance industry. Our core service staff has extensive previous insurance and risk management experience in the areas of claims, loss control and various account executive functions. This amalgam of proven talent and our stated and actualized method of growth by selecting from outside the industry and training “The Wooditch Way” yields a vibrancy that translates into client-focused action and result.

We have intentionally avoided the mind-numbing rhetoric and boilerplate mentality of brochures. The essence of The Wooditch Way is found in our testimonials. We have earned “unsolicited testimonials” from clients based on our performance in the following areas: Workers Compensation claim reviews, contract and specification analysis, General Liability claims management, insurance program negotiation and placement, insurance program stewardship including certificate delivery, that is both timely and accurate. Our testimonials reflect the clients experience and in most cases, as they point out, the “difference” they appreciate in contrast to their previous standard of service expectation.

We grow from encouraging our prospective clients to contact our current clients and ask the tough questions from our ability to negotiate, coverage and pricing to our market access and influence and our day-to-day service delivery. Customer service is a daily obligation performed on behalf of another. The extent where professional, accountable and capable people with empathy achieve beyond the expected or eclipse the average, in large part dictates the future success or lack thereof for a service-based company. We have built and established a production-oriented culture that derives its impetus from our existing client base, whose satisfaction is reflected in our high rate of retention.

The “difference” is found not in a brochure or in the hyperbole of overused empty terms but in the actual engagement of our intellectual capital to make a difference for our clients. We are a regional insurance brokerage with clients’ revenues ranging from $10MM to $1B. We are licensed in 22 states and have a presence in the international market which provides global perspective and placement where requested and required.

Perhaps placing our money where our metaphorical promises are will encourage those who have a passing curiosity of what makes us different to take a harder, deeper look into a potential level of engagement for select clients.

We can, for select clients, work without the traditional commission structure and instead, break out a program net of commissions for a client, and establish an equitable fee structure in which the client is the arbiter of value. We can also put this fee at risk, measure its effectiveness every quarter and adjust the amount based on the clients perceived and realized value in this process. To us, this is the definition of accountability and the manifestation of the confidence we have in our performance, people and product.

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