What's in a Logo?

Since the formation of The Wooditch Company, questions regarding the origin and nature of or company logo have engendered response and comment, which assumed either our affection for equestrianism, or an affinity for chess. While some members of The Wooditch Company are proficient on horseback and skillful at board games, we are not likely to be mistaken for stunt doubles in the movie Tombstone or a match for Gary Kasparov. In actuality, the symbolic nature of our logo derives its origin from the following:

As a child, I had a standing appointment in front of the television for my favorite series “Have Gun Will Travel,” starring Richard Boone as Paladin. I was intrigued by the idea of an honorable, avenging hero championing noble causes in the face of anarchy in the Wild West. Paladin was known for his integrity and recognized by the symbol of the Knight on his calling card.

The origin of Paladin dates back to King Charlamagne, defined by Webster:


  1. A paragon of knighthood
  2. Any distinguished champion of a cause
  3. A Determined Advocate