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We cut our teeth on construction. TWG has direct relationships with insurance carriers specializing in construction insurance. We have relationships with construction underwriters and management in their home offices located in California, New York, Illinois and London.

We know insurance coverages as they apply to contractors; we understand the dynamics and fluid nature of the insurance marketplace, and we understand the policy forms and endorsements that are necessary to protect financial assets and meet the requirements of their customers.

Our experience in the construction industry is a crucial part of developing a program of insurance for each client based on their specific needs and requirements. We believe in an elementary “reductionist” approach to business that avoids the complexity that is generally not only confusing, but redundant. Most clients have similar needs; select an aggressive broker, well-versed in the art of negotiation, free that broker to pursue the marketplace each and every year to improve in rate, scope of coverage, or services of value. All components are related, as strong aggressive negotiation yields potentially lower pricing while enhancing coverage, and the improvement of terms can ultimately yield lower costs.

The sword of advocacy must be brandished every year to make improvements and never be holstered in the scabbard of apathy that is an “as-is” renewal!

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