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What does “services” really mean anyway? Everyone says they have it or give it or offer it. From our perspective, “services” falls into two categories; issues we respond or react to, and actions we initiate on behalf of our clients.


The primary reason you purchase insurance is to deal with unexpected and unplanned events that threaten your company’s people, profit, and products. When those things do happen, you need to know that the same individuals who showed up in suits smiling at your proposal will also take responsibility for guiding you through a crisis. With The Wooditch Company, you can be sure we will be there. You will have a team of “Determined Advocates”, you will know them all, and they will be directly accountable to you.

Some of our clients tell stories about us showing up at 2:00 am at the scene of a bad accident, a building destroyed by fire, or a critical Workers’ Compensation loss. We don’t want those situations happening any more than you do, but because you might, as a client you have 24 hour access to us.

Of course, there are more routine issues such as new acquisitions, contracts to review, certificates to issue, expanded operations to insure – all the twists and turns that accompany the usual lifespan of any business. You must have the confidence that these issues are handled properly and with a sense of urgency, every time. We earn unsolicited client testimonials for a reason.


We develop an individualized commitment calendar for those activities we collectively determine need to take place during the year. Depending on each client’s requirements, our strategy may include claim reviews, safety and loss prevention assistance, jobsite/facility visits, WC unit statistical evaluation, and mid-term exposure analysis.

At a minimum, we always include thorough analysis of renewal exposures, strategic market selection, aggressive, leveraged premium negotiations, timely proposal delivery, and renewal coverage options commensurate with each client’s risk-tolerance level.

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