A lot has changed in the world of Employee Benefits since I’ve been at The Wooditch Company, but not my mission. I am as committed as ever to delivering a standard of care to our clients that most people only dream of! Okay… nobody is dreaming about Group Benefits, but some of the entanglements of those programs produce can be a nightmare for employers. I am the consummate “unraveler” of messy situations.

I joined The Wooditch Company in 1998. Prior to that I worked with Cigna and Humana in the ‘90s. Back then our hair was bigger and the insurance programs were less complicated. Most of my professional life has been spent in the employee benefits arena. If you have any hand-on involvement in this field, you know it’s become a larger part of everyone’s budget, and our national conversation.

I spend an enormous amount of time analyzing coverage and plan design options for our clients, as well as keeping up on the ever-changing environment of health care compliance. I serve as an information source in the sea of Affordable Care Act confusion. I’m all about providing our clients with accurate, substantive proposals and providing common-sense solutions for each employer’s specific needs. And when they do find themselves stuck in an administrative tangle I execute my unraveling expertise cheerfully, efficiently, and interjecting some pretty good one-liners along the way to lighten the load.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my son, walking the dog, and traveling. When I’m really lucky and things come together just right, I get to do all three of those things simultaneously!