My first day at The Wooditch Company was pretty close to the first day there became a Wooditch Company – May 3rd, 1993.  I arrived with approximately 9 years of insurance industry experience but wasn’t fun, or exciting, or fulfilling, or particularly interesting until I landed at TWC.  Phase I of my insurance career was well……  Phase II became exponentially client-focused, and that changed everything.

I am a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo alum and hold a B.A. in English Literature.  I’m about half way through an M.A. in Biblical Studies.  Fortunately, The Lord is patient.  I also hold two Risk Management designations; one general (ARM) and the other construction-focused (CRIS).  I have a broad range of experience structuring programs of insurance for a diverse array of businesses, but a particular affinity for those that build things or manufacture things.

I am known for being fiercely protective of our clients.  Don’t mess with my people.

I have worn a variety of hats at The Wooditch Company from Customer Service, to Account Executive, to Production, to Risk Management.  I am currently responsible for our Risk Services department which for the most part means, the claims.  My hobbies include tornado chasing on the Great Plains and riding my feisty horse on wilderness trails.  So, I’m not afraid for our client’s claims.  I am afraid of jumping spiders, but not the claims.  Bring me your fires, your thefts, your collisions.  Bring me your bodily injury and property damage allegations, your construction defect suits, and the “you’re not going to believe what happened today” stories.  I’ll believe it, and I can handle it.