“I took to heart what a certain Insurance Broker told me prior to honoring me by offering his best and his brightest in service to The Brady Companies. As I recall, he offered a full, complete and direct commitment to provide the highest level of integrity, diligence, service, and openness possible. He committed to holding Brady’s interests above his own, to meet us halfway in the battle of business in the spirit of trust and honesty, and to the diligently pursue the highest of aims and goals both for us and with us.

“Since that day, when The Brady Companies took a leap of faith into the unknown, we have grown together, learned together, achieved together. As I look to the future, I see only more of the same, and eagerly anticipate the journey. It is not often that I have the opportunity to commend people on their service. While I believe that any service rendered competently is worthy of thanks, I reserve my accolades for that which I perceive to be well above the norm, that which is exceptional, that which rises above the level which might be referred to as adequate or competent. Once again, The Wooditch Company staff has risen above the pack and demonstrated your integrity, your commitment to excellent customer service, and your consummate skill in the insurance industry. Your organization is made of different “stuff” than other brokers or agents who try to fill the same role. Thank you for a superb effort beyond the call of duty.”

Dave Dolnick, Risk Manager, The Brady Companies

 “Your staff is truly professional.  They respond to me as if they were my employees on my payroll.  This is what separates your firm from others.”

 “You have built a fine organization.  Wooditch is a real asset to A.O. Reed & Co… You’re the best I have ever worked with in 20 years.  Thanks for the service.”

(Retired) Clyde Blyleven, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, A.O. Reed & Co.

Thank you again for all of your hard work and effort to maximize our dollars spent and for the continued great service. I personally feel a great weight off of my shoulders knowing that I have a company that is looking out for our best interests and delivering quality service. Makes our lives a lot easier and allows us to concentrate on giving quality service to our clients!

Kathleen Amort, Corporate Officer, Amort Construction, Inc.

“We are so fortunate to have joined hands (and forces) with Wooditch! Thanks again.”


Don Moody, EagleLIFT, Inc.

“I want to let you know that our experience with The Wooditch Group has been exceptional. Our company has grown quickly and having The Wooditch Company as our insurance broker has made things easier.

 Most recently on 4-2-14 we had an urgent issue with stop gap coverage and not having it. Because we carry our workers comp through the state of Wyoming they do not provide employer liability. The need for the stop gap coverage came up last minute and without it we would have lost some business that had been awarded to us. The Wooditch team came through for us in amazing form. Not only did we need to have it in one day but our carrier for our GL did not even write that coverage.  The team had a new carrier give us a quote and we were ready to switch if we had to but that coverage was more expensive than our current provider. The Wooditch Company was able to get IronShore to write the endorsement for the first time ever. 

Not only do I want to bring this to your attention, if for some reason you were not aware, but I want to thank you guys for having a team that goes above and beyond many brokers would have thrown their hands in the air or put us in line and dealt with it after we had already lost the business. Instead your team stepped up and made it happen, kept me positive during the process and believed that they would get it done. I appreciate The Wooditch Company and congratulate you gentlemen for building a company and hiring employees that understand what servicing the client is all about. There just are not many companies that have this mentality these days and Blue Sky Communications is fortunate to have a partner in the Wooditch Company. We appreciate everything that you have done for us.”


Joe Sai, Blue Sky Communications

“In the six years that I have been here (Shaw & Sons) we have never had a broker like you.  When you first came in you spoke about the service, and I didn’t know what to expect, and now I have an understanding of what you meant.”


Shannon Windsor, Shaw & Sons

“I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with the entire process; the transition to you has been absolutely seamless! We were with a [National Brokerage] for over 12 years and I am very happy with the transition to you.”


Susan Boone, Pacific Production Plumbing


“Thank you so much.  I know I can always count on you to pull through.”


Amanda Crombach, Hillcrest Contracting

 “Very impressive, when I came in today I have a binder all in order with all of our COI (Certificates of Insurance)… This is a first. Thank you so much.”


Kelly Bird, Controller, Inland Valley Construction

“Just a little note to say “Thank You” for the excellent service you continue to provide us. From reviewing contracts, answering questions, providing updates and issuing certs….you guys are on it!”

Betty Hileman, Controller, Irvine Pipeline Co., Inc.

 “We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the efforts put forth by The Wooditch Company on our behalf. We are absolutely delighted with our premium savings. Keep up the good work!”

Michael Crawford, President, Sukut Construction, Inc.

“Your LinkedIn page and website have really aggressive mission statements. I like it. It’s not often you run into people/companies that are as aggressive as your site might indicate, but you guys are.”   

Gina Barsotti, Law Offices of Gina Barsotti

“It’s always nice working with people who are hands on and involved in the claims process.  I think it shows in the final result.”

Christine Renten, defense attorney at Pearlman, Borska, & Wax

“We have been very happy with the relationship between us and the good work that your company has been doing on our behalf.  As our company grows, we are learning that there are so many factors involved when it comes to staying competitive.  We have identified areas in our company where improvement is essential.  The reduction of losses and lowering of our experience modification is a clear goal.  We will be working over the coming months to implement a more effective safety program in order to address these objectives. 

That being said, we are looking forward to continuing to work with The Wooditch Company for the coming year and the foreseeable future.  Thank you for your efforts in obtaining competitive terms on our behalf.”

James Wong, Vice President, Hillcrest Contracting, Inc.

 “Thank you.  As always, your service is terrific.”

(Retired) Monte E. Yoder, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Hoffman Southwest Corp.

“You validated my thoughts during each of our meetings that I made the right decision by awarding my business to TWC. You are the ‘sharpest’ broker that I have ever dealt with since Service First has been in business and I have met a ‘ton’ of insurance brokers.”

Mark Bucher, President, Service First

(in response to the notification of a closed claim)

“That is great news…you have done a great job handling our Work Comp claims; I only regret not signing up with Wooditch 10 years ago.”

Julie Salazar, Winegardner Masonry

“I want to take the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you and your office on the claim. I am very impressed as to how devoted and driven you are in handling your claims and advocating for your clients.”

Tara M. Horse, Associate Attorney, Mullen & Filippi

(In a conversation with an associate and prospective Wooditch client)

“Once again, I am astounded at how quickly the Wooditch team is able to pull a rabbit out of their hat.  Thanks for all your help.”

“When you hang up the phone after speaking with me, don’t walk to The Wooditch Company…RUN to them! Thank you for all you do for us.”

Paul Kuliev, Chief Financial Officer, Sukut Construction

 “I was very impressed with our overall presentation, and feel confident that we have chosen the best brokerage firm for the job at hand. I am truly fascinated by the honest and straightforward approach you have implemented at your firm. It has been a refreshing change to deal with someone in the brokerage business who I feel is trustworthy; no strings attached… no hidden agenda. The personal side of our business relationship is important, that is why I decided to take the time to extend my thanks.”

Robert Scherer, The Accounting Group

“Not only do you talk the talk, you walk the walk. Our decision not to market our account with other brokers may have been your toughest challenge. The Wooditch Company had to compete against itself, a tough competitor. Your efforts brought forth additional savings which speaks highly of your commitment to put the client first.”

William Cameron, Risk Manager, National Cement Company

 “I think you have a great group of people working for you at The Wooditch Company. It makes things so much easier! We look forward to working with everyone at The Wooditch Company.”

Michele Drakulich, Risk Manager, Excel Paving

“Thank you again for the extraordinary service you’ve given us… Your prompt response and willingness to get the job done saved us a lot of headaches and time. Many, many thanks! I’m very glad to have you as part of our team.”

“We owe a lot to our team at Wooditch, for their professionalism and persistence.”


Dave Dolnick, Risk Manager, The Brady Companies

(Speaking with an insurance underwriter)

I have never had a broker relationship like the one I have with TWC; they are more concerned about me than themselves. It is the first time that I can remember that a broker is more concerned about my money than his own.”

“It is a fantastic relationship.”

Lou Fisher, President, Cell-Crete Corporation

“I just wanted to let you know that The Wooditch Company is without question, the best partner that a client could have. The leadership, the energy, the integrity and the tremendous staff that stays motivated and displays nothing short of true professionalism are just a few of the reasons that we are proud to identify ourselves with your firm.”

Charles Krebs, President, Rebar Engineering, Inc.