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The Wooditch Company is a privately held risk management and insurance services firm established in 1993. The firm specializes in the negotiation, placement and account stewardship of insurance and risk management programs for companies whose revenues are between $10MM and $1B.

Our history is best conflated with our present to provide for our future. The "pillars" are accountability, performance and results that comprise our foundation have been the building blocks of our organization since 1993. Our "Determined Advocacy," the "Triangle of Accountability," and the earned, "Unsolicited Testimonials" are the key components in our ability to establish credibility and the enrollment of new clients.

We are a customer service company "disguised" as a retail insurance brokerage firm. We believe the future of brokerage/agency and client relationships is centered around a simple concept: provide risk services that have value for our clients. It is very important to note at this juncture that the client is always the arbiter of value and result.
The Wooditch Company
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The Wooditch Company
"You validated my thoughts during each of our meetings that I made the right decision by awarding my business to TWC. You are the 'sharpest' broker that I have ever dealt with since Service First has been in business and I have met a 'ton' of insurance brokers."
Mark Bucher
Service First

"Thank you. As always, your service is terrific."
Monte E. Yoder
Vice President of Finance and Administration
Hoffman Southwest Corp.

"We have been very happy with the relationship between us and the good work that your company has been doing on our behalf. As our company grows, we are learning that there are so many factors involved when it comes to staying competitive. We have identified areas in our company where improvement is essential. The reduction of losses and lowering of our experience modification is a clear goal. We will be working over the coming months to implement a more effective safety program in order to address these objectives."
"That being said, we are looking forward to continuing to work with The Wooditch Company for the coming year and the foreseeable future. Thank you for your efforts in obtaining competitive terms on our behalf."
James Wong
Vice President
Hillcrest Contracting, Inc.

"It's always nice working with people who are hands on and involved in the claims process. I think it shows in the final result."
Christine Renten
Defense Attorney
Pearlman, Borska, & Wax

"Your LinkedIn page and website have really aggressive mission statements. I like it. It's not often you run into people/companies that are as aggressive as your site might indicate, but you guys are."
Gina Barsotti
Law Offices of Gina Barsotti

"Your staff is truly professional. They respond to me as if they were my employees on my payroll. This is what separates your firm from others."
"You have built a fine organization. Wooditch is a real asset to A.O. Reed & Co... You're the best I have ever worked with in 20 years. Thanks for the service."
Clyde Blyleven
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
A.O. Reed & Co.

"I have never had a broker relationship like the one I have with TWC; they are more concerned about me than themselves. It is the first time that I can remember that a broker is more concerned about my money than his own."
"It is a fantastic relationship."
--(Speaking with an insurance underwriter)
Lou Fisher
Cell-Crete Corporation

"I just wanted to let you know that The Wooditch Company is without question, the best partner that a client could have. The leadership, the energy, the integrity and the tremendous staff that stays motivated and displays nothing short of true professionalism are just a few of the reasons that we are proud to identify ourselves with your firm."
Charles Krebs
Rebar Engineering, Inc.

"We would like to express our deepest appreciation for the efforts put forth by The Wooditch Company on our behalf. We are absolutely delighted with our premium savings. Keep up the good work!"
Michael Crawford
Sukut Construction, Inc.

"Once again, I am astounded at how quickly the Wooditch team is able to pull a rabbit out of their hat. Thanks for all your help."
"When you hang up the phone after speaking with me, don't walk to The Wooditch Company... RUN to them! Thank you for all you do for us."
-- (In a conversation with an associate and prospective Wooditch client)
Paul Kuliev
Chief Financial Officer
Sukut Construction

"Thank you again for the extraordinary service you've given us... Your prompt response and willingness to get the job done saved us a lot of headaches and time. Many, many thanks! I'm very glad to have you as part of our team."
"We owe a lot to our team at Wooditch, for their professionalism and persistence."
Dave Dolnick
Risk Manager
The Brady Companies

"I think you have a great group of people working for you at The Wooditch Company. It makes things so much easier! We look forward to working with everyone at The Wooditch Company."
Michele Drakulich
Risk Manager
Excel Paving

"Please know that we value your entire staff's competitive premium offerings and response to our needs. One of the things that I stressed as very high on our priority list when it comes to brokers is customer service and your team has given us 100% since the day we bound coverage."
Janet Richardson
Risk Manager
EDF Renewable Energy, Inc.

"What a great group of people you have working there!!!"
-- (In reference to a Certificate of Insurance request)
Judy R. Vaughn
Executive Administrator
Dalton Trucking, Inc.

"I am impressed with your strategy on people and retention, and the sacrifice you have made to do it. Not too many business owners are successful in this, and you know what that means in a service business."
K. Brian Horton
1st Enterprise Bank

"Just a little note to say "Thank You" for the excellent service you continue to provide us. From reviewing contracts, answering questions, providing updates and issuing guys are on it!"
Irvine Pipeline Co., Inc.

"Once again, you and your team have excelled in doing everything in your powers to help us in good times and in difficult times. We really appreciate all that you do."
"It is always such a pleasure to meet with you and your team. I always sense a high level of respect and commitment to each other's success. Together we will keep on winning."
"We value the professional commitment developed by each one of the local representatives. We appreciate insurance professionals who offer their clients the value offered by the Zurich Enterprise."
"I am happy to say that The Wooditch Company and Zurich enjoy a unique business relationship to better serve the needs of our common clients, the Insured."
"I consider The Wooditch Company a trusted partner and one of our best partners in the business."
"Thank you for your support and commitment to serve the best interests of your insurance clients."
Amador Rodriguez
Business Development Leader Marketing and Regional Management
Zurich North America

"If you continue to service my account as you have for the past three years you will have my account for the next 40 years. You have done an outstanding job of servicing our needs and I cannot ask for anymore."
Al Shankle
Al Shankle Construction

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for your excellent service these last few months. As you know we were with (name removed intentionally) previously, and we had a wonderful working relationship with (name removed intentionally), so we were hesitant to make the change. But you and your staff have made that change effortless and have made the transition smooth. Your staff has been wonderful in assisting me and addressing all of my needs in an extremely professional and quick manner. I wasn't sure how I would like working with a team versus a one on one contact, but you have educated all of your staff so that they are very smart and knowledgeable and able to answer any questions that we may have. Every one of your team members is ready to help me at a moment's notice, and I so appreciate all of their excellent help."
"So, in a nut shell, thank you so much for not giving up on us and wanting to help us with our insurance needs and I ultimately appreciate you and all of your hard work for us and your expertise in the Insurance Industry."
"Hopefully, this will be a long lasting, mutually profitable relationship for your company and ours. Be sure and thank all of your staff for me."
Debra Loveall
CMAC Construction Company

"Not only do you talk the talk, you walk the walk. Our decision not to market our account with other brokers may have been your toughest challenge. The Wooditch Company had to compete against itself, a tough competitor. Your efforts brought forth additional savings which speaks highly of your commitment to put the client first."
William Cameron
Risk Manager
National Cement Company

"I just wanted to thank you for the late call back yesterday. I was just discussing our conversation with Bruce this morning and relayed how impressed I was that you were so connected and called me from what sounded like a restaurant. I really wasn't expecting to hear from you until today but I do appreciate that customer service you have going on."
"The Wooditch Company really does live up to its promises and I for one am one of your biggest fans."
Debbie Starr
Office Manager
Genesis Construction

"I was very impressed with our overall presentation, and feel confident that we have chosen the best brokerage firm for the job at hand. I am truly fascinated by the honest and straightforward approach you have implemented at your firm. It has been a refreshing change to deal with someone in the brokerage business who I feel is trustworthy; no strings attachedno hidden agenda. The personal side of our business relationship is important, that is why I decided to take the time to extend my thanks."
Robert Scherer
The Accounting Group

"I am happy to report that when people tell me they have a good broker I always chuckle and tell them I'm sure they do but... We know that we have a great team with Wooditch - our business has increased in profitability in large part to our partnership and I personally appreciate that, and know that Mike and Randy do too."
"Wooditch represents professionalism, as I have learned, and we are happy to share with friends in the industry that what you do is different and sets you apart from the rest of the insurance pack."
Mary Watkins
Pyramid Builders

"I am happy to report that when people tell me they have a good broker I always chuckle and tell them I'm sure they do but... We know that we have a great team with Wooditch -our business has increased in profitability in large part to our partnership and I personally appreciate that, and know that Mike and Randy do too."
"Wooditch represents professionalism, as I have learned, and we are happy to share with friends in the industry that what you do is different and sets you apart from the rest of the insurance pack."
Tom Georgouses
TG Construction, Inc.

"I only know how to tell the truth and you are a great help to us."
-- (In reference to an experience modification factor)
Dan Bellamy
Recon Refractory, Engineering & Construction, Inc.

"I thought I would just take a moment to thank you for having Mike (TWC Claims Manager) on the Sukut account. We just did our large claim review at ACIG and Mike's name came up as a major contributor on the Sukut account. He is a regular participant in our quarterly reviews and truly adds value to the meetings. We think he is a great asset with tremendous insight on construction defect claims. With Mike on board, Wooditch is living up to their promise of value added services for Sukut."
Paul Becker, Esq.
Senior Claims Consultant/Technical Manager
American Contractors Insurance Group

"I highly recommend (a prospect) call me for a reference and I will explain the unprecedented level of service you and your firm provides."
Ken Long
Vice President
Largo Concrete, Inc.

"Very impressive, when I came in today I have a binder all in order with all of our COI (Certificates of Insurance)... This is a first. Thank you so much."
Kelly Bird
Inland Valley Construction

"I just have one question for you: Are you always so happy and easy to work with? You amaze me with your upbeat attitude and helpfulness. We love Wooditch; (your team is) amazing and we deeply appreciate how, no matter what we ask, you guys always come through. You really are the best at what you do."
Terrie Reese
Office Manager
NKC Group, Inc.

"You are always on top of things. It's so nice I don't have to be concerned with follow-up."
-- (In reference to a Certificate request)
Linda Davies
Hoffman Northwest Inc. / Roto Rooter

"You and your team continue to provide great service! Thanks again for the quick turnaround."
-- (In reference to a Certificate of Insurance request)
Susan Borghi
Senior Accountant
Jenamar Communities, LLC

"You guys are awesome in getting us the best prices and just outstanding at getting out our insurance certificates! Keep up the great work!"
Bobbie Servino
California Sandblasting and Coating, Inc.

"I never give compliments or accolades; however TWC is the most responsive customer service firm that I have ever come across and I know it starts at the top."
Barbara Firmani
Ceilings Plus

"Thank you so much for your efforts to recover from my mistake and to keep our crew on the job."
-- (In reference to a Certificate revision request.)
Larry White
L&S Construction, Inc.

"I never thanked you and Wooditch for helping us prepare for our OSHA meeting. I don't know it I told you, but the meeting was very positive. Ron Paine was very helpful. Between him and the OSHA guy we learned a lot. I think having Ron present for the meeting as a resource was also helpful. He knew what to say when there were questions we couldn't answer."
"We plan on using Ron to help us out with the first aid training when we slowdown in the winter."
"Thanks again!"
Emily Beach
City Service Contracting, Inc.

"I appreciate the help you gave us yesterday. I'm just learning WC and getting a new perspective on the ins and outs with each new case. To wit: I will be constantly monitoring all my cases!"
"My next focus is getting something to happen today, as opposed to a few days from now, to reassure our patient that we are looking out for him."
"Again, many thanks. I'm thrilled to have someone who knows WC to whom I can direct questions."
Nancy McTyre
Larrabure Framing

"First off, I can't say enough GREAT things about The Wooditch Company!!!! We have them for all of our lines of coverage and they are so responsive. Any questions we have they are there to answer, they will drop everything when asked to help. They also have a person on staff at Wooditch that all they do is help you with any WC issues, questions, etc. We have a quarterly meeting with them to go over all of our claims. I really suggest giving Wooditch a try at it and if you get to the point, have them quote all of your lines of coverage; I promise you won't be disappointed."
Maaike Jacobson
Western Federal Credit Union

"Wooditch was 100000% my favorite brokerage to work with. Always organized, always pleasant (every one of you), it was incredible."
"If every brokerage was like you guys there would be no need for us to stress after work."
-- (In response to moving to a different division.)
Christopher Marino

"Good morning! Just wanted to share some wonderful feedback I heard about you from our branch Admin Supervisors this morning. On our monthly conference call, we were discussing that COI renewals would start being issued in the upcoming weeks. Gwynn Soebbing mentioned what a pleasure you are to work with and how you always go above and beyond to get them what they need. As soon as she made the comment, all the other Admins joined in to reiterate what she said. Great job! Thanks for all you do!"
Wendy Creamer
Director of Human Resources
Hoffman Southwest Corp.

"Thank you so much. I know I can always count on you to pull through."
-- (In response to receiving a certificate of insurance.)
Amanda Crombach
Hillcrest Contracting

"A great big pat on the back for a job well done in getting the {name intentionally deleted} WC claim closed. You made it happen and we are grateful!"
Human Resource Manager
JG Companies

"I'm impressed! I've never received an update on a claim without making several calls. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!"
Office Manager
Hemet Mfg. Co., Inc. dba Genesis Construction

"I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with the entire process; the transition to you has been absolutely seamless!"
"We were with a [National Brokerage] for over 12 years and I am very happy with the transition to you."
Susan Boone
Pacific Production Plumbing

"In the six years that I have been here (Shaw & Sons) we have never had a broker like you. When you first came in you spoke about the service, and I didn't know what to expect, and now I have an understanding of what you meant."
Shannon Windsor
Shaw & Sons

"I would drive a 100 miles to have dinner with you guys."
Nick Kopinga
All New Stamping

"I have to tell you, the people that handle my account are the best I've ever dealt with in my career. They are professional and they are on another level!"
Jim Dunleavy
Imperial Paving

"I want to let you know that our experience with The Wooditch Group has been exceptional. Our company has grown quickly and having The Wooditch Company as our insurance broker has made things easier."
"Most recently on 4-2-14 we had an urgent issue with stop gap coverage and not having it. Because we carry our workers comp through the state of Wyoming they do not provide employer liability. The need for the stop gap coverage came up last minute and without it we would have lost some business that had been awarded to us. The Wooditch team came through for us in amazing form. Not only did we need to have it in one day but our carrier for our GL did not even write that coverage. The team had a new carrier give us a quote and we were ready to switch if we had to but that coverage was more expensive than our current provider. The Wooditch Company was able to get IronShore to write the endorsement for the first time ever."
"Not only do I want to bring this to your attention, if for some reason you were not aware, but I want to thank you guys for having a team that goes above and beyond many brokers would have thrown their hands in the air or put us in line and dealt with it after we had already lost the business. Instead your team stepped up and made it happen, kept me positive during the process and believed that they would get it done. I appreciate The Wooditch Company and congratulate you gentlemen for building a company and hiring employees that understand what servicing the client is all about. There just are not many companies that have this mentality these days and Blue Sky Communications is fortunate to have a partner in the Wooditch Company. We appreciate everything that you have done for us."
Joe Sai
Blue Sky Communications

"The Ins Certs are perfect. So rare!!! Hats off to your agent. :)"
-- (In an email conversation between a Certificate Holder and Wooditch client, E&R Construction)
Patty Ford
Amcal Housing

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