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The Wooditch Company (TWC) specializes in the negotiation, placement and account stewardship of insurance and risk management programs for companies with revenues between $10MM and $1B.

Our Team & Experience

Established in 1993, TWC is a privately held corporate insurance and risk management services firm.

Method & Mission

We believe our client relationships are centered around a simple concept:

provide risk services that have value for our clients.

Services We Provide

We are a customer service company “disguised” as a retail insurance brokerage firm. By custom-designing your company’s insurance plan, we are able to get you richer coverage at a lower price point.


Why Wooditch?

Why do you buy insurance? You buy insurance to feel secure when unexpected events threaten your company’s people, profit, and products. And when those things do happen, you need to know that the same individuals who showed up in suits smiling at your proposal will also take responsibility for guiding you through a crisis.

If you are a client of The Wooditch Company, you can be sure we will be there – every step of the way.


Since 1993 , we have built our business from the ground up...


Since 1993, we have built our business from the ground up, organically, one client at a time. We have chosen not to grow through acquisition of producers or firms, but rather have selected and trained our production staff from individuals who had talents outside of the insurance industry. Our core service staff has extensive previous insurance and risk management experience in the areas of claims, loss control and various account executive functions.


The Wooditch Company understands insurance coverages...


The Wooditch Company understands insurance coverages as they apply to our clients; we understand the dynamics and fluid nature of the insurance marketplace, and we understand the policy forms and endorsements that are necessary to protect their financial assets, but also meet the requirements of their customers.


Your most immediate and tangible experience of performance...



  1. A paragon of knighthood
  2. Any distinguished champion of a cause
  3. A Determined Advocate

We have advanced the philosophy and goals of The Wooditch Company with determined advocacy in mind.  We believe our cause is to provide unsurpassed client-centered service.


We believe our cause is to provide unsurpassed client-centered service....


Your most immediate and tangible experience of performance will be found in our ability to negotiate the best possible coverage and pricing options for your company. When we learn about the nuances, dictates, and needs of your company, we will bring carriers “to the table” that can address and aggressively satisfy these needs from a pricing standpoint.

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The Wooditch Company is a leading, independently-owned insurance broker. TWC leadership is committed to working with each team to design and ensure exemplary execution and delivery. Our work ethic and timely delivery results in the best possible outcome for our clients

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