Employee Benefits

The subject of group benefits and healthcare has shifted in the last few years from an annual renewal event to a near daily topic of concern with national implications. It is still difficult to know where healthcare in America is heading in the future, but the near term is predictable in this way: you spend too much of your budget on group products to allow them to be unresponsive or under-negotiated. It’s not an employee “benefit” if the program doesn’t function effectively for you, and your employees. We can make it work, and keep you fully informed along the way.

We serve as your advocate in the marketing, negotiation, placement and management of all lines of employee benefits coverage.

If your employee benefits programs are managed by The Wooditch Company, you can expect:

  • A service-intensive, consultative approach to all we do (without the usual “consulting” fee)
  • Collaboration on a tactical, strategic marketing plan to achieve your goals and expectations
  • The advantage of our program design creativity, carrier access, and carrier influence
  • Informative updates on issues and legislation relevant to employee benefits and HR professionals via unlimited fully sponsored access to ThinkHR.
  • “Live” HR assistance via the ThinkHR hotline
  • Assurance that all claims and care access issues will be handled by our team with expedience, professionalism, and determined advocacy
  • Comprehensive coverage proposals that clearly outline your options and program highlights
  • Security in the knowledge that we will work on behalf of you and your employees to ensure continuity of coverage

In-House Services

  • Thorough annual marketing to all viable carriers on all lines of coverage
  • Written analysis and comparison of all option
  • Negotiation of rates
  • Coordination of all open enrollment activities
  • Participation in open enrollment meetings
  • Coordination/participation in carrier administration meetings
  • Management of elevate service issues
  • Development of individually tailored service plans
  • Creation of employee communication documents

Coordinated Services

  • Unlimited access to ThinkHR: Hotline, On-line HR Library, HR On-Demand training, all fully paid for by The Wooditch Company
  • COBRA Administration
  • Web based program administration
  • 5500 form filings (as required for large groups)

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