Risk Services

We will be responsible not only for the placement of your risk management program, but also for its stewardship throughout the year.

Personal Service

  1. TWC leadership is committed to working with each team to design and ensure exemplary execution and delivery. Our work ethic and timely delivery results in the best possible outcome for our clients.
  2. TWC promises to familiarize ourselves with your staff and their needs and will be responsible for the timely processing of all “day-to-day” insurance requirements, such as Auto ID Cards, vehicle / equipment changes, endorsement questions, etc.

Workers Compensation Claim Stewardship

We provide your company with dedicated claim reviews, including summaries of open claims, reserve analysis, and aggressive action plans to ensure claims are moving toward prompt resolution. We actively work with the carrier to initiate and maintain momentum from the inception of a claim to its “best possible” conclusion. We are persistent and apply knowledge and resources to the stewardship of your claims. We work to prevent claims from festering due to inactivity, which precludes unnecessary increases in your experience modification and your premiums. In addition, we work together to formulate aggressive return-to-work programs and establish effective Medical Provider Networks protocols to mitigate costs throughout the life of the claim.

General Liability Claim Stewardship 

A typical day for our steadfast claims department includes contract reviews, claims reporting, policy renewal comparisons, insurance history reviews, negotiations with adjusters and certificate holders, advising all parties, and loss control assistance. We provide the expertise and determined advocacy to work through complicated issues on your behalf.

The results of our involvement are measurable through reduced loss ratios; reduced experience modification, and, ultimately, reduced premiums.

Wooditch Risk Services provides a cost-effective adjunct to your existing safety program. We work with your safety personnel and your current insurance carriers to dovetail with your existing “in-house” loss control efforts. We commit to creating a strong safety team for your company that provides access to all risk control services in your risk management program.

We offer, but will not limit our services to the following:

  • Access to The Wooditch  Company’s in-house workers’ compensation claims expert. We will steward and negotiate your claims for you, providing a quarterly summary of the results. We are on YOUR side during the claims process, and we do not work for the insurance company; therefore, we provide an expert, independent voice to ensure your workers’ compensation carrier handles claims correctly
  • Experience Modification Review: The Wooditch Company will review the experience modifications published by the various state bureaus for accuracy and will work with your staff to correct any inaccuracies. An “inflated” experience modification will directly impact your renewal premiums.
  • Supervisor & Employee Safety Training Classes
    • Forklift Safety Training
    • OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Class
    • First Aid/CPR Training
    • Competent person – fall protection
    • Fall Protection Equipment user Training
    • Competent Person – Trenching & Excavating
    • Competent Person – Scaffold Inspection
    • Safe Scaffold Use Training
  • Jobsite Safety Inspections
  • Evaluation of your Current Safety Program for OSHA Compliance and Further Recommendation
  • How Can You Help Control Workers’ Compensation Costs?
    • Leadership, involvement and commitment to maintaining a safe work environment is the most effective method of influencing your workers’ compensation program pricing.
    • By reducing the dollar value of claims incurred on your workers’ compensation policies, all things being equal, should provide you with more competitive pricing.

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